Thursday, March 15, 2007

Economics 101

Today at the grocery store a man stopped me as I was choosing a cantelope from the display at the front of the store. "You don't want that cantelope. You don't know anything about Economics. The cantelopes in the back are better. They put the lousy looking ones up here. Let me tell you a story, I'll keep it short. I used to work for Pep Boys and one day the manager had me bring some ugly looking sunglasses from the back. We put them on display up front and jacked up the price and they sold like hotcakes! That's Econonmics 101." The man walked out of the store.

Yes, I went to choose a different cantelope.

3-29-07 Post updated to show actual photo of actual cantelope purchased.


Katie J said...

Ok, you are cracking me up with this story. I'll go to the back for my sunglasses and cantelopes now.

Gina said...

That is hilarious! Now you know the secrets to all the universe!

Anonymous said...

I'm working on your first parcel. I'll be sending it very soon.

Beth said...

How exciting, I can't wait!