Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tree houses revisited

Yesterday I visited Longwood Gardens with my girls and my niece.  This time I remembered my camera and got this shot from the treehouses.  

One of my childhood favorite books is Andrew Henry's Meadow.   It began my fascination with tree houses.  If you've never read it, go ahead, buy a copy and you'll understand.  It was out of print for many years, but now you're in luck.  In 2005 it was reprinted in celebration of its 40 year anniversary.

Also, I finally replaced the photo in this earlier post with a treehouse photo of my own.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Cemetery

This is the most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen.  It is a small cemetery on top of a hill in rural Pennsylvania.  To get to the  site you have to drive down a narrow dirt road in the middle of a field.  At this time of year the corn is high and lined the road on both sides creating a tunnel effect.

My grandparents are buried here.