Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary!

As soon as I opened the mailbox on May 15 and held the package from my brother, the date sounded familiar.  May 15.  May 15.  Then it came to me from the dark corner of my brain.  My brother had remembered the anniversary of our bicycle trip across the USA.

So many years prior I had sent him cards celebrating the event.  This year, he had remembered and sent not only a card, but also a cd with jpegs he had scanned of his slide collection from the trip.  

It has been wonderful looking through those photos and remembering those days we shared.  Thank you, brother.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

All In A Day

Finally, here is another post.
Often after the sun sets,  I reflect on the day and ask myself, "what the heck did I do today?", feeling as if nothing got done.
So here is today.

7:15 woke
7:45  fixed breakfast for the girls
7:50 packed banana bread for coffee hour after church
8:00 showered.  Yep, I actually got a shower today!
8:30 kissed hubby good-bye (he very rarely works weekends, but this was one of those days)
8:45 packed the girls in the car and drove to church
10:10 intergenerational choir practice
11:30 lunch
12:00 cleaned up the kitchen (yep, sometimes I leave all the dirty dishes until later)
12:10 helped child #1 in the bathroom
12:20 resumed kitchen clean-p
12:30 helped child #2 in the bathroom
12:40 went for a walk with the girls who were very eager to push their "babies" in strollers
1:00 asked one of our teenager neighborhood sitters if she'd come by 4-5 pm so I could run
1:15 returned home
1:50 went to YMCA for open swim 
2:15 entered the pool
3:05 left the pool and helped the girls with their showers at the YMCA
3:45 drove home
3:50 got a craft and games out for the sitter
4:00 ran
5:00 returned
5:10 computer time suck while the girls played
5:40 fix dinner
6:00 my parents drop by
6:30 dinner
7:15 help with toothbrushing, baths, PJ's and hair brushing
7:20 watch some TV with the girls
7:30 neighbor stops by to pick up George, the fish we've been pet sitting
8:00 read books with the girls and lights out
8:30 down stairs and more killing time on the computer time
10:24 post this

See, I did something after all!  All in a day.