Sunday, December 28, 2008

100 Things About Me

I finally finished 100 Things About Me.

3.  I have 1 sister and 2 brothers.
4.  The house I grew up in had 12' ceilings, huge pocket doors, a cubby space (our clubhouse) under the front stairs, accessible only through the walk-in closet and a small winding back staircase.
5.  I lived there for 18 plus years. The house next door to us on the north side was about 2' away.  We would crawl out our attic window and  into the neighbors' window to visit.
6.  I remember the milkman delivering milk in glass bottles in the box on the back porch.
7.  I played high school varsity field hockey.
8.  I played high school varsity lacrosse.
9.  I never had a cast on any part of my body.
10.  After high school I starting running to stay in shape.
11. I like to run; it puts me in a meditative state.
12.  I like to run alone.
13.  I like sneakers; I really like sneakers.  It would be so easy for me to go overboard and buy a new pair every month.
14.  My longest run ever was the St. George Marathon in 1991.
15.  My most challanging run ever was the Imogene Pass Run 1992.
16.  I have not been running much lately.
17.  Now I dash - after our two beautiful little ones!
18.  I met my husband in 1977.
19.  We married in 2001.
20.  In March 1987 I had an in-office biopsy to remove a grape-sized tumor from my neck.
21. In March 1987 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease.
22.  In April 1987 I had a staging laperatomy to remove my spleen and move my ovaries, moving the ovaries would keep them from getting "zapped" if I were to get radiation treatments.
23.  In Summer 1987 I had radiaiton treatment.
24.  I've been cancer free for 20 years.
25.  I guess I like a challenge.
26 .  My brother and I rode our bikes across the US in 1989.
27.  I've climbed Mt. Rainer in Washington.
28.  I've hiked The West Highland Way in Scotland.
29.  I like to wash dishes because I find it very calming.
30.  A window over a kitchen sink is a must for me.
31.  I don't like to unload the dishwasher.
32.  I hate to iron.
33.  Green is my favorite color.
34.  I hate teal.
35.  I like math and numbers.
36.  I think palindroms are cool.
37.  The like two kinds of cake:  carrot cake and (now) Jan's cake.
38.  I like pie, almost any kind of pie.
39.  I do not like to talk at movies.
40.  I like to stay through and watch all the credits.
41.  I never was able to get popcorn or other snacks at a movie as a kid.
42.  I like to hike and camp.
43.  My feet hardly ever get cold.
44.  I like to knit.
45.  I blush easily.
46.  I am a Unitarian Universalist.
47.  I have an undergraduate degree in Geography from Northern Arizona University.
48.  I've worked as a cartographer in a County Assessor's Office.
49.  I've worked for the USGS as a cartographer mapping Mars.
50.  I've worked as a programmer.
51.  I've worked in a day care center.
52.  I've worked as a janitor at a ski area.
53.  I've worked for the National Forest Service in cleaning bathrooms in campgrounds.
54.  I've worked for the National Forest Service as a fee collector in campgrounds.
55.  I've worked as a forest fighter in Idaho and Montana.
56.  I've worked at McDonald's - for about 12 hours over a 4 day period.
57.  I've worked as a secretary in Alaska.
58.  I like the toilet paper pulled over the top of the roll.
59.  I like to play with Playmobil.
60.  I like to play board games.
61.  Cribbage is my favorite two-person game.
62.  I like to play cards.
63.  My favorite game these days is Mr. Thurston's Mother's Game, a variation of Oh, Hell.
64.  My favorite solitaire game is Accordian.
65.  I like to work in my garden.
66.  I always notice when someone misuses the words "fewer" and "less"; it makes me cringe.
67.  I like to make snow angels.
68.  I like to listen to the birds sing.
69. I like to type.
70.  Thanks to my sister, I'm a touch typist.  In my high school college-pre students were not required to take a typing class.   My sister was in college at the time and told me to take typing!
71.  I don't have any cavities.
72.  Cheetos Snacks Crunchy are my favorite junk food.
73.  Lucky Charms are my favorite junk cereal.
74.  Ginger Ale is my favorite soda.
75.  Someday I want to knit a blanket like this.
76.  I like to ice skate.
77.  I like to be outdoors.
78.  I'm not much of a reader.
79.  Someday I'd like to own a yurt.
80.  I want an iPhone for Christmas 2008  (got it)!
81.  I like eggplant.
82.  Geometry has always been my favorite subject.
83.  I'm not a good swimmer, I sink.
84.  I recently got a Nikon D50 and want to take a digital photography class.
85.  Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday (harmless hype), fun movie too.
86.  I like to do jigsaw puzzles.
87.  The first car I owned was a Pea Green Ford Maverick with 3 on the column.
88.  Then, Phyllis, the yellow Fiat.
89.  On to, a Subaru DL 4WD wagon.
90.  Then, a Isuzu Trooper for a brief time.
91.  Then to a 1990 Toyota Camry, what a great car!
92.  In 1997 I bought my first brand new car, a Volkswagen Passat Sedan.
93.  I learned how much trouble a brand new car could be.
94.  In 2005, went back to the realiable Toyota.  With our second child on the way we traded in the Passat for a Sienna LE.
95.  I usually buy white cars.  I like white cars.
96.  I like snow.
97.  In November 2008 I started taking Body Pump classes at the YMCA.  The weight-bearing exercise is good for my bones.  I feel stronger.  Also, I'm enjoying the camaraderie; it's a fun group.
98.  Hadn't ran a race since 1999 and I ran a 5K on Dec 17, 2008.  My time was 37:11; my time was not great, but I had a great time.
98.  I like crossword puzzles.
100.  I like to read mysteries. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

Celebrating Christmas this year was especially fun with our three-year-old and five-year-old.  They were so darn excited.  "A" kept talking about how she was going to walk downstairs and see Santa and then run back to her bed.  "T" couldn't wait to spread the magic reindeer-attracting dust (oatmeal and glitter) she made at school.   

Here are some of my memorable moments:
  • On Dec 23, "A" did something that made "T" really mad.  She stomped downstairs, yanked "A's" Christmas list from the mantle and with pen in fist, scratched the items off the list.
  • After "T" hung her stocking, she stood back and recited the words to "The Night Before Christmas".
  • "A's rendition of Deck The Halls cracks me up.  She sings "deck the halls with bells and jolly, fa la la la la".  Then she announces that she does not know any more of the words.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stash Burner

Tell me, can you look at this ornament without saying "aaw, how cute? I think it's so darn cute we'll keep it for our tree, but I do have another on needles as a gift. For me the button at the hanger makes it.  I also love color combinations suggested for these festive ornaments designed by Julie Williams.  For me it was the quick knit I needed last week.  No, I have not wrapped one gift yet.

Yarn:  Frog Tree Alpaca Sport Wt, oddments from stash
Needles:  US2 dpn