Sunday, June 21, 2009


In May I went golfing on a real golf course for the first time.  My husband, Brad, has been golfing for over 35 years.  He used to hit golf balls with a few hand-me-down in the fields behind the house where he grew up.  He was on the golf team in high school.  He has three brothers who also golf, so golfing has always been his territory and something he has enjoyed with his siblings.

We had discussed the idea of me trying out the sport in the past and I always scrunched up my nose at the idea.  To be honest with you, I never really thought of it as much of a sport and I've always been turned off by the costs associated with it.  "I'll stick to my knitting", I'd say.  And his reply was "that's probably best since you probably would not take it very seriously and I'd want to help you get better".

In March, we went to Play-A-Round Golf in celebration of Brad's birthday.  We went with a group of people and had a lot of fun.  My sister-in-law had recently purchased clubs and she was starting to join her husband on the course.  When they invited us to play at a real course that day in May; I went thinking it would be fun.  It was.  Here's an outline of my golfing experiences so far, only time will tell where it leads me.

1.  At Play-A-Round Golf the most memorable line of the evening was "Whacky, whacky"!  One of the women there came up with that line when she'd smack a long drive.  

2.  At Arrowhead (April 25) , my first outing, we golfed 9 holes late in the day.  I had some nice straight shots and had way more fun than I thought I would.  Brad shot better than normal because according to him, "he was thinking less about his shots and more about mine".  My sister-in-law was surprised I did not bring my knitting.

3.  At Blackwood (May 15) we golfed 9 holes and I got to experience a fun, memorable hole. It's so hard to describe the challange of this hole and the feeling when you're teeing off this hole. You're on one side of a small ravine and you have to hit over the creek to the green.

4.  While at Bethany Beach (June 16), Brad and I played nine holes late on a windy day.  It was a nice course, bathrooms at the fourth hole and nice greens and carpet-like fairways.  There were also yardage marker stones along the fairway.  He was so close to an eagle on one shot, it was fun to watch.  He also shot back-to-back birdies.  I regained some confidence, hitting better than my game at Blackwood.  

5.  Today I bought my own clubs on e-bay.