Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The last time I was in the theatre my husband and I saw Babel. We got popcorn*. Last night I saw Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End with two girlfriends. We did NOT get popcorn*. They talked me into to going, it did not take too much talking. It was the first I had seen of the Pirates movies. Yes, I really am that out of the "in"!

Now, I so want to see the first and second movies and now I may have to add these to my "to knit" list.

*I was not allowed to get popcorn or buy anything at a movie as a kid. So, having popcorn at a movie always reminds me of going on dates. I actually remember saying on dates, "you mean I can get popcorn if I want it"!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Back From Bethany

We had a wonderful family time at Bethany Beach in celebration of my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. The damper was that my father ended up being admitted to the hospital the Thursday night of our stay (June 21). He was showing signs of a mini stroke (TIA) and after a serious of tests that turned out to be the diagnoses. On a good note, he was discharged this morning, has no lasting damage and can resume normal activity.

As far as knitting is concerned, I got alot done there. I finished the Panda Cotton toe-up socks and the Simple Baby Hat from Debbie Bliss Baby Knits For Beginners. I'll be posting photos as soon as I can get rid of the error message on my new Nikon D50. Urgh!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SP10 Has Done It Again!

Start with a lovely handmade card, add bamboo yarn, cotton yarn, painted egg leaflet, lavendar sachet, measuring tape, pins, Mitchell's Fat Wool Soap, topped with chocolate (some for the girls and some just for me) and you've put together the perfect parcel.
So, my SP10 remembered I wanted to try some bamboo yarn and spoiled me with some. She thought of me when in an antique shop and spoiled me with a painted egg leaflet from there. Somehow she knew I was in need of something to keep the moths away and spoiled me with the lavendar sachet. You did make the card right? I like it best of all the items in the package. I have it displayed prominently in my kitchen to remind me to get knitting!
I have been so well spoiled. So fortunate am I to have been paired with you for this exchange. You've put together packages as if you've known me forever, really!
Thank you, Crafty Drama Queen.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mango Moon

This post is especially for you, Marsha. You asked for pattern suggestions using a single skein of Mango Moon Recycled Silk. A few years ago I saw scarf in "Unraveled" (a lovely local shop which unfortunately had to close) made with the yarn, admired it and jotted down the pattern on a scrap of paper. Of course, now I can't find the scrap of paper.

But, I just e-mailed Joy who used to work at the shop and she knew exactly what scarf I was talking about. She wrote to me in reply:

"Yes, I remember the scarf and the pattern. Her Aunt Carol had made it using “purse stitch”.

On an even number of sts.
K1, *yo, p2tog* rep between *s, end k1.
Rep this row.

Happy knitting."

Saturday, June 09, 2007


This morning the girls and I headed out early to pick strawberries at Highland Orchards. We went out to the fields just behind some other pickers who looked much more experienced than us. I overheard them in line talking about what type of leg wear was most appropriate for picking and one woman asked me "are THEY going to pick too?" I simply replied "yes".

The girls did a great job. It did not take us long to pick 3 1/2 lbs of berries. We remembered to take our carton from last year and got a 35 cent discount on our total. The berries cost about $8.00. It was sunny and hot in the fields, next year we'll have to remember our hats!