Saturday, June 04, 2011

4 June 1989

20 miles - East of Rico to Telluride

$4.00 postcards
$2.00 card for David

Up at 7 am. Had scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast after moving into the warm sun. Lizard Head Pass was quite easy compared to those in Arizona. My front derailler fell off; the clamp snapped. We'll look for another tomorrow.

Met Jenny and Tracey on the street and they are putting us up for the night. Dinner of rice, veggies and pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia. Talked to Jen. Tried to talk to David, but no answer. We may take a route other than bikecenntenial through Aspen, CO.


Marsha said...

What, no photos? :)

Jackie said...

I want photos too!! But I am very excited that you are sharing this with us, with or without photos. :)

Beth said...

Currently working on getting photos organized and scanned. Stay tuned...