Thursday, June 02, 2011

2 June 1989

No bike riding - day at Mesa Verde

$2 milk and ice cream
$4 gas
$10 groceries
$3 stamps
$1 card

Mailed about 100 postcards thus far. Neil let us use his Jeep to get our rental car. Arrived at Mesa Verde entrance at 9 am. Went straight to Balcony House - 1 32' ladder, 2 - 10' ladders and a a small tunnel in order to see the impressive ruin. Linda, the Ranger from Berkley, did not stress the defensive use of the site.

Tomorrow we ride again and I feel anxious to do that. Phil and I had an ok time at Mesa Verde, but I had a better time the first time I saw the place. Phil and Neil are now returning the rental car. Maybe they went out for a beer. No, just a delay at the shop. Neil took us out for a great Italian dinner at Nero's - spinach linguini w/ tomato sauce, sauteed veggies and mozzarella cheese. Great food!

Called Eric and Lisa. Eric will start a second job at Harpoon Louie's; he works hard. I couldn't handle all the responsibilities right now. Oh, what to do? I hear of the weather back East and I think I could not live there. I may not even talk to the guy in Pittsburgh.

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