Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

Recently, from one of their magazines, my daughters learned "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".  How can you know that song and never been to a ball game?  So off to the field we went.  We saw the Reading Phillies play the Harriburg Senators.  It was the day of free baseball caps for the first 2500 kids, dollar hotdogs and run the bases after the game - at $9.00 per seat.  

We had no idea how our two-year-old and a four-year-old would do at a game, but it was worth a go.  They did great.  We sat through the first three innings (at one point moving away from an obnoxious heckler)  These seats in yellow section 7 were good, why were they in front of this guy?  There were plenty of empty seats, so we moved above several rows and off to the side a bit.  When the girls were ready for a walk we explored a nice shady outdoor eating area and enjoyed a snowcone.  We went back to our seats until the long awaited seventh-inning stretch and then headed home.  What a way to swing into June!

Note:  ok, so I wrote my post before reading the Wikipedia reference for the song, apparently the guys who wrote the song had never been to a game.  I think that is hilarious.  I guess we did not have to take the girls after all,  but I'm sure we did.

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Katie J said...

Ok, can we go to a game with y'all when we get back? Sounds like such fun!