Saturday, May 31, 2008

Relay For Life

Today we attended the Relay for Life.  I've been involved at various levels for several years now.  I've been a team captain and a team member, but for the past couple years we've been regular attendees.  We like to support the cause and watch the girls play the games that some teams set up for the youngsters.  This years highlight was to watch them stand in a wading pool of water and see how many marbles they could get out of the water using only their toes.  Or was the highlight that hubby won a round of golf for a foresome at an exclusive private country club?  Bottom line is that money was raised for a worthwhile cause.

1 comment:

Katie J said...

I missed it again? Darn.

More than that, I'm missing you and your family. Good to see a picture of hubby and the kiddos.