Tuesday, November 14, 2006

November Calendar Photos

I'm in just under the Nov 15 deadline to enter Chappy's Contest. I do not think that any of the photos from my 2006 calendars will be chosen as winners, but I want to post them anyway. Happy belated birthday, Chappy's Mom. Maybe next year I will make my own photo calendar and be sure to have a bright, sunny photo in November for you and all my loved ones who celebrate November birthdays.

This photo is from the calendar in our kitchen:

This photo is from the calendar in our office:

Now I realize how much I dislike both these photos. I'm replacing both of them in the morning!


Katie J said...

You find some great blogs. I was going to play along as well, but my calendar is from the local community theater and has a picture of someone from the theater with her name on it, so I'll keep it to myself for anonymity reasons.

--Deb said...

Thank you for the calendar!!

Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

You don't like these images? Not even the snow monkeys? Aw, c'mon--snow monkeys are COOL!

Anonymous said...

Well, the knitted blanket isn't so bad. But, yeah, the monkeys gotta go. Yeah, sorry. I hate monkeys. I hate their gums. And I hate when people make them wear clothes. Chimps are the worst, by far. But, even so, these are still monkeys. Eighy-six the monkeys.

Hey I can send you a picture of my calendar that I have at work. I made it at Kodakgallery.com. It has a collage of Titus pictures on it for the month of November....

Hmmm...maybe you should stick to the monkeys. :-P

No. I stand by what I said: monkeys = ungood.