Friday, August 17, 2007

Thanks Again, Shawnee!

Many thanks to Shawnee who has spoiled me rotten in the No Sheep For You Swap! Look what I got in package two: 2 skeins of Pakucho 100% organic cotton in lovely green tones, a tube of Udderly Smooth cream, notepad and candies. Shawnee hit the nail on the head with this yarn selection for me. I'm wild about the color. The last time I knitted with organic cotton I made this sweater/hat set for A. I have no other organic cotton in my stash, so I'll be picking up this Pakucho soon!
Now, more on the candies. I've eaten Pop Rocks before, probably back in the 70's and I've had Tootsie Rolls since who knows when, but where was I when Nerds showed up on the market? I eagerly opened the candy's clever packaging - grape packaged on one side and strawberry on the other. You slide a little piece of cardboard back and forth to close the box or dispense the candies. How fun is that! Let me tell you, these little crunchy candies are packed full of flavor! I love them. And here I thought my husband was the only nerd I loved!
Thanks again Shawnee for a lovely package and for introducing me to Nerds.

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Katie J said...

A whole paragraph on Nerds! I love it. You are too funny.