Monday, April 16, 2007

ooh, la, la

Today a package arrived from my Secret Pal. It made it across the Atlanitc, through a mid-April snowstorm and safely to my mailbox. Lucky for me! Look at the contents: cashmere yarn, size 1.5, 5" dpn, "Knitting" magazine from the UK, Belguim chocolates and cookie cutters? Did I mention the cashmere yarn? It is the only cashmere yarn I have ever owned and it is oh, so soft. Take a look at the colorway, it's perfect for me. I just want to keep touching it - I will definitely make something for myself with this yarn. SP10, is the cashmere you sent the 4-ply sock yarn you mention in your note? Have you made socks with cashmere?
I broke into the chocolates so fast, I forgot to photograph them before eating the milk chocolate covered whole hazelnut, see the crumpled foil wrap?
Thank you SP10, I hope you are being well-spoiled by someone.


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

What a lovely package! I bet that super-soft cashmere yarn would be just right for another addition to your knitted lingerie collection. :)

Katie J said...

Ooh la la is right! What a great package. Those cookie cutters are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I haven't made any socks in cashmere yet. Yes, I believe the yarn is 4-ply. Glad you like the parcel. I hope the DPNs were the ones you wanted. The sizes vary slightly between US and UK.