Friday, August 19, 2011

Some Stinky Knitting Ahead!

Alright, so I get this really fun kids' clothing catalog from mini Boden and I like almost everything in it.
Also, everything in it is very expensive.
A few weeks ago I told the girls to look in the catalog for one thing they'd really like to have for the new school year.

I'm excited because T expressed interest in a red pea coat.
Of course I had to ask if she'd like a scarf to go with it.
We looked at Morehouse site and she picked their skunk scarf.
I think the coat/scarf will make a perfect combination!

Happy knitting,



Katie J said...

Can't wait to smell it!

Anonymous said...

Super cute. I made the mistake of clicking onto the women's section of the Boden site and am now covetous of many an item. *thanks* for the introduction... Happy knitting!