Thursday, July 14, 2011

14 July 1989

46.2 Miles Buckhorn, KY to Pippa Passes, KY

$2 Post Office
1.50 snacks
7.00 dinner

Up at 6:30 after a lousy sleep. Some kids kept walking by talking, yelling and playing loud music. Had a tough hill just outside Buckhorn, then level to Route 80. We had a slow ride along 80, hilly and we were exhausted due to lack of sleep. Took a nap in Hindman. We called Stroms and Mom and Dad were there!! They (Dad) put a message on their answering machine.

Now at Pippa Passes Hostel to get a good night's sleep. This room is great: a bed by a window, a view of a lot of trees and kittens outside.

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Elizabeth D said...

I am really enjoying reading these posts! I was so impressed when I found out that you'd made this trip, and love to see the pictures. How could you not stop in a town called Pippa Passes, after all!