Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 May 1989

53.5 miles Carlsbad, CA to Lake Henshaw Resort, CA

Day 1 was rainy and quite cool. We had a dunking of my bike ceremony (rear tire in the Pacific riding to the Atlantic to dunk the front tire) at the beach in Oceanside. We actually started riding from Uncle Joe's house in Carlsbad. Phil got a flat tire 3 miles outside Oceanside. Traffic was heavy early today, but got better further inland. People have been friendly. Ate so I would not bonk today - ate figlets, crackers, banana, cheese and tortilla and fig newtons. Tortilla, beans, and cheese for dinner. it's cold but not raining since we stopped riding.

I'm tired and my legs hurt. In general so far, so good. Beer for Phil, decaf for my at Henshaw Restaurant. Loud music from our neighbors woke us; Phil yelled.

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