Sunday, May 17, 2009

All In A Day

Finally, here is another post.
Often after the sun sets,  I reflect on the day and ask myself, "what the heck did I do today?", feeling as if nothing got done.
So here is today.

7:15 woke
7:45  fixed breakfast for the girls
7:50 packed banana bread for coffee hour after church
8:00 showered.  Yep, I actually got a shower today!
8:30 kissed hubby good-bye (he very rarely works weekends, but this was one of those days)
8:45 packed the girls in the car and drove to church
10:10 intergenerational choir practice
11:30 lunch
12:00 cleaned up the kitchen (yep, sometimes I leave all the dirty dishes until later)
12:10 helped child #1 in the bathroom
12:20 resumed kitchen clean-p
12:30 helped child #2 in the bathroom
12:40 went for a walk with the girls who were very eager to push their "babies" in strollers
1:00 asked one of our teenager neighborhood sitters if she'd come by 4-5 pm so I could run
1:15 returned home
1:50 went to YMCA for open swim 
2:15 entered the pool
3:05 left the pool and helped the girls with their showers at the YMCA
3:45 drove home
3:50 got a craft and games out for the sitter
4:00 ran
5:00 returned
5:10 computer time suck while the girls played
5:40 fix dinner
6:00 my parents drop by
6:30 dinner
7:15 help with toothbrushing, baths, PJ's and hair brushing
7:20 watch some TV with the girls
7:30 neighbor stops by to pick up George, the fish we've been pet sitting
8:00 read books with the girls and lights out
8:30 down stairs and more killing time on the computer time
10:24 post this

See, I did something after all!  All in a day.

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JD said...

Most impressive! I often make lists after the day, too, they usually show me that I was more productive than I thought I'd been. I actually have a To-Do list for this evening, ambition indeed.