Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

Celebrating Christmas this year was especially fun with our three-year-old and five-year-old.  They were so darn excited.  "A" kept talking about how she was going to walk downstairs and see Santa and then run back to her bed.  "T" couldn't wait to spread the magic reindeer-attracting dust (oatmeal and glitter) she made at school.   

Here are some of my memorable moments:
  • On Dec 23, "A" did something that made "T" really mad.  She stomped downstairs, yanked "A's" Christmas list from the mantle and with pen in fist, scratched the items off the list.
  • After "T" hung her stocking, she stood back and recited the words to "The Night Before Christmas".
  • "A's rendition of Deck The Halls cracks me up.  She sings "deck the halls with bells and jolly, fa la la la la".  Then she announces that she does not know any more of the words.

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Katie J said...

Ok, we need to get together to hear our children sing songs and recite stories. It's just too cute.