Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Most Wonderful Wallaby

As far as charity knitting is concerned, this sweater for afghans for Afghans (AFA) was the most rewarding project I've knit.  I took on the sweater as a challenge to myself, there was a need for the sweaters and the US deadline was October 14.  I finished the sweater on October 13, e-mailed AFA and they said just ship it out to CA and they will get it in time to go to Afghanistan.  Phew!  I had fun with the whole random stripe thing using the dice (see previous post) and I used up a bunch of yarn in my stash. Most rewarding of all is that it gives me a great feeling to know that the sweater will help keep a child warm this winter. 

T was cooperative enough to try it on for me while she was playing in the leaves.  I really like the way the colors worked out, even though I ran out of options at the yoke and had to finish up the top-most knitting with purple.   It was a pain to knit in all the ends.  I really do need to learn the technique of weaving them in as you knit.


Pshorten said...

Cute kid, nice sweater! good going!

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome!

(So now that this is finished, what's next for your needles?)

Joy said...

what Marsha asked.

Beth said...

Next will be a sweater for me, but I may not cast on until after the holidays. Now I'm working on mittens for the girls and some other quick knits!