Wednesday, July 02, 2008

As Seen On TV

Back in December we bought a very comfortable sectional for the family/TV room.  I don't even like watching television, but now that we have that comfy seating, you can find me in there quite often with my feet up.   Usually I knit instead of paying much attention to the tube, but it's hard for me to keep my eyes off those As Seen On TV commercials.  They crack me up -  check out the AwesomeAuger.


Katie J said...

That is one comfy sofa. How many "augers" are being delivered to you?

Pshorten said...

We call the guy on that ad "the yelling man" - his voice is always loud and demanding...

Gina said...

it doesn't get any louder than "BILLY MAYS for OXYCLEAN!!!!" God he has the biggest screaming head I've ever seen.

Also? I tagged you on my blog to do a little meme. So head over there if/when you have the time.

Is this even how you tag people? I don't even know. I'm so lame.

Have a great weekend!