Monday, April 07, 2008

Welcome Flat Stanley

Recently a surprise envelope arrived in our mailbox from friends in New Hampshire.  What fun to open it and find that Flat Stanley had made it to our door!

Flat Stanley started out in a 3rd-grade classroom in CA. The instructions asked us to mail back a postcard from our area of the country.  The classroom will be plotting Flat Stanley's visits as he makes his way around the USA.  Thus far Flat Stanley had been in Hawaii, Michigan, Missouri and Colorado.

Flat Stanley stayed on as a visitor in our home a little longer than I had planned, I wanted to make sure he got a chance to visit local historic sites:  Independence Hall and Valley Forge.  He enjoyed our Easter celebration with traditional ham dinner and a family favorite at the table - dandelion salad and of course the egg hunt.

At one point I could not find him.  After a diligent search, I found Flat Stanley stuck between the CVS and Genuardi's circulars in our recycling bin!  

Good Bye, Flat Stanley, have fun on the rest of your journey!


Marsha said...

Maybe Flat Stanley was looking for some good deals at those stores? Planning a big shopping trip to stock up on provisions for his next trip?

Joy said...

When we lived in Cleveland, my daughter sent Flat Stanley to Philadelphia. He got to see all the sites there then, too!