Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This morning my older daughter ran over to our bedroom and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. My husband had already left for work. I had been out knitting the night before and purchased helium-filled balloons for the girls. T. had found hers at the foot of her bed and was delighted with it.

Later that day we had lunch at my folks' house and Dad showed me his favorite comic from their morning paper. It showed a man and a woman at a rack of cards, each chose a card for the other, they exchanged cards right there, placed the cards back on the rack and declared they'd put the 5 dollars they just saved on seeing a movie. Somewhere the comic was labled The Long-term Relationship. Dad and I shared a good laugh over that.

The valentine I received that morning, however, was way more funny than that comic strip. I found it on the kitchen counter:
"Beth, I took $20 from your purse. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, B"

Truly, it is the most favorite valentine I've ever received. It made me smile a big smile when I read it. I think it does exemplify a healthy long-term relationship and that's right where I want to be right now.


Katie J said...

Nice post Beth. Thanks for sharing a sweet and funny moment.

Gina said...

HAHAHA! That's awesome! A true soul-mate indeed!