Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Parcel From SP10!

I received another brilliant package from my SP10. The latest issue of Simply Knitting, needle case, lady bug buttons (oh, so cute), knitting needles and a skien of lovely Hip Knits silk yarn in 'eat your greens' shade. You've gotta love it for that name alone. Trust me, though, it feels great. The yarn is hand dyed 100% silk, 180 metres to 100g, recommended needle size - 5mm/US8. It's available at www.hipknits.co.uk. They say that one skein is perfect for a hat, scarf or small bag. That suits me just fine. SP10 even thought to send a scarf pattern my way - I'll get that via e-mail.

Your parcel arrived just in time to bring a smile to my face on a difficult day.
Thanks so much!


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

What a lovely package! I can't wait to see the yarn.

"Chocolate orange soap"? Sounds good enough to eat.

Hope you are having a better day today! :)

Katie J said...

What a great package! That yarn is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Glad the parcel cheered you up. There are some fab patterns in Simply Knitting this month. I'll email the two Hip Knits patterns asap. Take care. SP10 xxx