Thursday, January 25, 2007

Red Scarf Project

Finally, I've got a red scarf on needles for The Red Scarf Project. Will it completed by the January 31, 2007 deadline? dunno. But, I'm having fun knitting it now and if it is not ready for 2007, hopefully there will be a 2008 Red Scarf Project and I can send it to them.

Yarn Hog Scarf

start date: 1/24/07
finish date: 3/1/07

finished measurements: 5 " x 59"

yarn: KnitPicks Swish Superwash (3 skeins)
color: Fired Brick
needles: US #6, single point

co 30 sts (or any even number)
rows 1 and 2; K1, P1,
rows 3 and 4; K across
repeat these 4 rows to desired length

update: scarf measures 19.25 inches long after one skein
I purchased 2 skeins and I want the finished scarf length to be at least 60 inches. So, now comes the dilemma: Do I buy I buy 1 or 2 more skeins?


Katie J said...

Looks great. I think I'll steal the whole idea for next year's red scarf project.

Anonymous said...

The stitch pattern looks great! Is it pretty time consuming, or do you find that it goes along quickly?

Gina said...

Wow that looks fabulous! Super nice pattern for either males or females, too.

JD said...

Good on you, Beth! Use your knitting in bed time to finish! One more skein would be plenty, methinks!

Re: socks for others - depends. I ask for measurements if I don't know the person well, or if they know the socks are coming. For surprise or emergency gift socks, I sorta wing it. For the koigu socks, I had my gf try them on: she chose the yarn and knew they were coming!